Multiple Sclerosis Home Care

When your loved one receives the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, we know how much of a life-changing shock to the system this could be. However, it’s important to know that this doesn’t have to be the end of your loved one’s independence and there are options available for care. At Arbour Care we offer a tailored care service as we know that everyone is an individual and deserves care to suit their needs.

At Arbour Companions and Care, we are specialists when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis in home care. We offer one-to-one support with your loved one with our trained carers who are available 24-7 in the comfort of your own home. We understand how upsetting it can be in such a trying time and want to ensure that your loved one doesn’t feel that their life must fall into disarray. Our staff have had many years of caring for those individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and we are a business that ensures that all our staff are constantly learning new ways and developing their understanding of the disease with new research and practices that are being developed by the scientific community.

We are committed to providing MS in home care to the highest of quality and standards, taking into account your loved ones needs from the very beginning. We understand that this disease has different stages which means that your loved one’s needs may change over time, which our carers are able to adapt to.

We understand MS and how it can manifest over time. Sometimes it can happen quickly and other times the symptoms can last a lot longer. There are over 100,000 people a year that are affected by the disease across the UK and we want to ensure that you don’t have to feel isolated and alone. We take all your needs into account, whether it be exhaustion, muscle spasms, dizzy spells, loss of balance or any other symptom in between.

Multiple Sclerosis in Home Care for MS patients

By choosing Arbour Care, we match you with a carer that understands your needs for Multiple Sclerosis in-home care. If you have any questions about the services that we provide or any of the activities that we carry out then please get in contact with a member of our team today. We are able to help in a variety of ways including the following:

  • Meal planning – ensuring that your loved one is eating
  • Taking care of household tasks such as washing, ironing, and tidying
  • Helping your loved one to use the bathroom
  • Encouragement of social activities
  • Encouragement of exercise by partaking in walks or excursions
  • Establishing a regular routine

Why Choose Arbour Care for Multiple Sclerosis home care?

When it comes to a high-quality care, we understand that it’s more than just medical support, that we all have the need for companionship. Our carers are friendly, professional and can provide emotional support which in turn can lead to long-lasting friendships. Multiple Sclerosis in home care shouldn’t be something playing on your mind. We understand that this is a difficult decision, we pride ourselves on our levels of care. If you would like to know more, then please check out our testimonials section on our website for more information. Choose Arbour Companions and Care now to start your support journey.

If live In Care is more than you need to fulfil your care needs, we also offer Domiciliary Hourly Care.

We help people to live the life that they choose – and you will very much design your own service and stay in charge of your care. We work with people’s strengths rather than focusing on what they can’t do. Our services are all "managed", i.e. we supervise each contract, quality assure our carers' work and keep accurate records of what we would be doing to support our clients.

  • "The carers have been very good, one even using her free time to visit the husband in hospital and really going the extra mile."

    ED Westcott

  • "The  care that Jola provides is fabulous in every respect. I cannot praise her highly enough for the patience she shows with. It was a happy day when she came to us "

    RL Englefield Green

  • "As far as I am concerned, Roberta has been an absolute rock for our family. Completely unselfish in her care and invaluable."

    CB Guildford

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