Make do and Mend – How to Prepare for Brexit

 23rd Sep 2019

Brexit is the subject that has everyone talking about, will we be crashing out of the European Union without a deal – what will that mean? There is a definite fear of the unknown and the ramifications on the country which ever way things turn out, everybody is fed up with the politicians and wish we could see an end to the process, whatever that might mean.

Whilst talking about Brexit this week I was reminded by one of my clients who lived through the 2nd World War, that “make do and mend” was the catch phrase of the day when she was young...

She reminded me that they recycled their clothes, they would make a new dress for a child from the worn-out old dress of an adult, not throw it away.

During the war people grew and ate their own fruit and vegetables, drinks came in glass bottles, and food was wrapped in paper. Things had to last, if something broke then it would be mended, or taken apart for parts, not thrown away.

These wonderful folks don’t worry about a hard Brexit – they’ve been through much worse – my advice is – find yourself a 90-year-old and let then help you to prepare for October – or whenever it may happen!

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